The Team

SCIO is a grassroots organization focused in working with refugees, returned people and population in social risks in order to provide them tools to take their own decisions and improve their situation. It was created in 1995 and has worked mainly with refugees and displaced people during ex-Yugoslavia war and post-war. Later, among others, we have also worked with roma communities in Spain and with street kids in Ivory Coast.


In 2016 we developed a 4 months project, ‘SCHOOLS FOR REFUGEES’, in the refugee camp of Lagadikia (Greece), providing educational activities for children and support to camp social activities in cooperation with the Danish Refugee Council.


 Our main philosophy is based on working together with in-risk populations for reducing the effects of their situation. We work mainly with volunteers, following the principle that volunteers should be people that take a commitment and offer their professional skills to build up long-term projects based in the idea of respect and professionalism.


The current team of SCIO includes people that have participated in several development projects all around the world, with long experience in projects of aid/cooperation. Most of our coordinators are professionals of education sector, pedagogues and psychologists.


The project will be developed by volunteers with professional skills. Two Long-Term volunteers (LTV) will stay on the field for the entire duration of the project and will act as team’s coordinators. One will be dealing with the activities organization and the follow up of our code of conduct. The other will deal mostly with logistics, relations with other agencies and contacting refugees. The rest of the team will be integrated by a permanent group of five more volunteers. Every volunteer participating in the project is committed to stay a minimum of three weeks on it. The team will be completed by successive replacements. Volunteers will be selected in an open process giving priority to their experience working in 


   The idea is to develop the action, if possible, under the umbrella of an international agency or NGO currently working in the area for supporting refugees.. We are ready to dialogue with some of these organizations in order to agree on conditions, including the best destination for the project. If the dialogue arrives to some conclusions we are also ready to sign a memorandum of collaboration with the NGO, fixing the conditions of our collaboration. Our team of volunteers, including the coordinators, would be in that case submitted to rules and working conditions as determined by the mentioned international organization.

Contact with us

If you want to contact us, please write here your questions. We will try to answer asap, but as we are working only with the support of volunteers it may take a bit. Be patient.

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